"Count your Life by smiles not tears. Count your age by friends not years."


    My design work varies between web site designs, environmental graphics, exhibit design, CD album art, posters, brochures, book covers, mailers, etc.  I usually like to try to combine a few different disciplines in order to make my creativity more unique.  Also check out where I work.

Design Pages

  • Atara Bio 12/20/2020 Web, Extranet, Social, and Environment design for a biotechnology company
  • Shames JCC community center building 12/19/2017 I did a lot of environmental design work on the new Shames JCC building.
  • Animations and Video 1/3/2016 A few animations and videos that I've worked on.
  • Sun Moon & Spoon 6/8/2000 Images from a cool restaurant.
  • EconEdLink 6/5/2000 Poster for MCI WorldCom & Economics America
  • MovingUp 6/5/2000 Postcard design
  • SMG Poster 6/5/2000 Vector poster design for the Stock Market Game
  • Webpages 6/5/2000 A couple web site designs
  • DEC design 6/5/2000 A couple things done for DIGITAL
  • Luce Center Exhibit 6/5/2000 Pictures from the NY Historical Society exhibit.
  • Earthdata web 6/5/2000 Cool website design
  • Demo Reel 6/5/2000 The old demo reel from 1998
  • iCollect 6/5/2000 Images from a TV show pilot
  • Rubicks 6/5/2000 An animated Rubicks Cube in 3D
  • Special FX 6/5/2000 A look at some video effects compositing
  • DTW99 6/5/2000 Invitation design for Dance Theater Workshop
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