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"If the future can't be now, it should be as soon as possible."

creed of the transhumanist

econed.jpg (105390 bytes)EconEdLink Poster

   This poster was produced on the back side of a folding brochure promoting the EconEdLink portion of MCI Worldcom's Marcopolo web site.  The Typography was done in Adobe Illustrator 8 by Melanie Roher.  She used to the text eyedropper tool to easily transfer text sizes and fonts to other text elements. 

     The background imagery was created using a number of techniques.  A number of images are simple stock photographs which were masked and composited in Photoshop.  Others, such as the seashells, baseball player, and beanie babies, I had photographed on my own.  Most objects were photographed against a monochrome backdrop to ease masking.  I even rubbed the seashells with water, to get them to glisten a bit.  Thirdly, the tree and flying money were created three dimensionally.  For the money, I created polygonal shapes with bone structures that I then textured with high resolution 2D scans of money.  This allowed me to "photograph" the money in any position I desired, without limitations.   Lastly, the tree is also a 3D object.  It is a variation on a tree that I had previously created.  This one was further altered back in Photoshop by painting in more detailed branches.

     The final hi-resolution photoshop image was composited with the vector artwork within QuarkXpress, along with the rest of the brochure for final production.