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"Do what your heart prompts you to."

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Henry Luce Center

     To the left are before and after images of the Henry Luce Center's interactive map model.  The above image was created in a 3D program, and Christine was added with Photoshop.  The below picture is the actual (unfinished) map model after some changes were made.

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Kiosk_real.jpg (19089 bytes)

     To the right are two images of a standing kiosk designed to advertise certain museum exhibits as well as provide location and direction information.  The above image is the 3D design placed digitally within the museum's hallway, while the below image shows the actual final product.  The kiosk features easily interchangeable printed advertisements and maps.    

legacy_exhibit.jpg (30733 bytes)legacy_letter.jpg (22526 bytes)

    The images to the right are of the "Leaving a Legacy" section.  The panel on the front was designed in Illustrator, and the handwritten letter was created from a scan converted into vector type and silk-screened onto the glass.