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"You only posess what cannot be lost in a shipwreck."

DTW99.jpg (64891 bytes)Dance Invite

     This image is the invitation design for the 1999 Dance Theater Workshop "Building Dance" Benefit.  The blocks were created and lit in a 3D program where it was easy to rotate and add image maps to each side.  The image was rendered at a high resolution and brought into Photoshop, where I created numerous channel masks.
     Since this invitation was intended to be printed in 2 colors, I converted the photoshop image to multi-channel mode.  Then I copied the original black channel and assigned both channels their respective spot colors.  Next, I used all of the alpha channels that I had created previously to delete and fill selective sections with color.  It was important that the two color plate channels do not overlap their values too much. 
     I had originally done the text in this manner as well, but later re-did the text using Illustrator and overlapped the Illustrator EPS text with the Photoshop DCS image within QuarkXPress.  Typography was done by Christine Steurmer.  

     Incidentally, the dance performance was excellent! 


© Adam Z Lein, 1999   All artwork property of Adam Lein, unless otherwise noted.