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"The reason there is hate, is the fact that we have love."


Animations and Video

Liga Snow Day 2021

Charissa Venice on the Beach 2019

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue casting submission for Olga 2020

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue casting submission for Olga 2019

A model showcase Breezy Point teaser video

A model showcase video for Model Liga

A tagline animation for New Harbor Entertainment. This was done in AfterEffects with river water footage that I shot.

A 3D visualization of possible signage design updates for the NYC American Red Cross headquarters.

An AfterEffects animation that plays on HDTVs mounted throughout the BIO Business Forum conference.

A presentation about Beacon for Scenic Hudson. This was made in Final Cut Pro.

This animation was created for the BIO Business Forum to be projected on giant screens at the entrance. The animation was updated every day with new statistics.

The Hudson Valley Heroes presentation made for Scenic Hudson. The audio is missing since I don't have licensing rights to the background music.

A very quickly made animation designed to show all of the BIO conferences on HDTVs mounted throughout conferences. The sequence of the conference listings had to be changed frequently and innexpensively.

Another BIO presentation that had to be done quickly and updated freqently.

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