"It is only the very strong who can afford to be gentle."


Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I realized I didn't have to use a pencil and paper to record images I could see.  Of course, as a kid I wasn't allowed to handle an expensive camera, so I didn't learn how to use one until I was old enough to take darkroom classes in 1994. My photography ranges between weddings, fashion, food, journalism, with a bit of artsy stuff strewn about in the back.

Photography Pages

  • 360 VR 12/31/2017 A page with some 360 VR photography.
  • Corporate 1/1/2016 Corporate Photos
  • Fashion 1/1/2013 Fashion Photos
  • People 1/13/2007 People Photos
  • Weddings 1/13/2007 Wedding Photography
  • The Sky 1/20/2002 Photos dedicated to the sky.
  • B&W 2000 6/5/2000 Darkroom techniques and more
  • People 2000 6/5/2000 Neat color photographs

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