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"Love is no assignment for cowards."


The 2000 Katana

     Got a new Suzuki Katana 750 motorcycle for the millennium.  It's a maroon 2000 model. To the left here is a picture of the new wheels at my old grade school in Sterling, MA. 

     All year, the only thing I had been thinking about was getting a new motorcycle. So here it is. My friends will be glad that I can stop sending them the tired old picture of this bike from the Suzuki website.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions

Here's an action shot from my Dad.    
Kata_Bradlees.jpg (82472 bytes) Universal rendezvous point - Bradlees parking lot.  Some other people were meeting a few rows over.   Kata_miata.jpg (135534 bytes) Ray's got style... and a Miata.
katana7.jpg (167901 bytes) For Easter, I parked in front of a church and took a picture.  Then I cropped the church out.  Sorry Jesus.   katana8.jpg (165319 bytes) If you look close, you can see the boat club behind there.
katana9.jpg (155159 bytes) Sunset on the Hudson katana10.jpg (175696 bytes) Not sure what the sign back there says.. no parking on the grass maybe.
katana5.jpg (48643 bytes) First day back to work on the new bike. katana4.jpg (43614 bytes)
katana6.jpg (48194 bytes)

katana2.JPG (64874 bytes)

Vroom Vroom!
katan_huds.jpg (28792 bytes) Out for a ride by the Hudson River in New York. Me and Chris at Ray's.  There's Chris and Ray in the background with the Chris Mobile.
katan_vett.jpg (27998 bytes) The 2000 Katana and the 2000 Corvette.  Brett's corvette is filled to the brim with extras, everything except the HUD. katan_hought.jpg (34039 bytes) My bike parked on top of where the old Houghton school 8th grade wing used to be.
katan_handicap.jpg (301003 bytes) What kind of person would park across two handicapped parking spaces?  Here's my bike and Brett's vette. MIG_bmw.jpg (320827 bytes) Here's my bike with MIG and his red BMW 328i.  Of course my motorcycle is more red than his beamer.