"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept."

Ansel Adams


    My design work varies between web site designs, environmental graphics, exhibit design, CD album art, posters, brochures, book covers, mailers, etc.  I usually like to try to combine a few different disciplines in order to make my creativity more unique.  Also check out where I work.

Design Pages

  • Animations and Video 1/3/2016 A few animations and videos that I've worked on.
  • Sun Moon & Spoon 6/8/2000 Images from a cool restaurant.
  • Special FX 6/5/2000 A look at some video effects compositing
  • Rubicks 6/5/2000 An animated Rubicks Cube in 3D
  • iCollect 6/5/2000 Images from a TV show pilot
  • Demo Reel 6/5/2000 The old demo reel from 1998
  • EconEdLink 6/5/2000 Poster for MCI WorldCom & Economics America
  • Earthdata web 6/5/2000 Cool website design
  • DTW99 6/5/2000 Invitation design for Dance Theater Workshop
  • DEC design 6/5/2000 A couple things done for DIGITAL
  • Webpages 6/5/2000 A couple web site designs
  • SMG Poster 6/5/2000 Vector poster design for the Stock Market Game
  • MovingUp 6/5/2000 Postcard design
  • Luce Center Exhibit 6/5/2000 Pictures from the NY Historical Society exhibit.